This Is Our Happily Ever After


If you have gotten married you will surely know that there are a lot of different things that make the big day big. But you will also surely have noticed that much of what you planned was inspired from other people's weddings. And well, why reinvent the wheel right?

Once we were married we realized that much of the information that we collected could easily be used by other couples. And so we decided to use the remainder of time on our domain to offer help to other couples that were going through the same thing as we had. Maybe they would be able to get something out of it. And so we cleared off the majority of the personal stuff and put up resources.

Our domain is now no more but we would like to continue sharing the different pieces of information that we collected. We have some resources that make for easier sailing as well as things we would have done differently.



We have a lot of tips that are just generally useful. Some of them we still use today.


The Wedding

These are all wedding related and the various resources that will be useful for you.