Kim & Zackary

This Is Our Happily Ever After

Even When Things Don't Go As Planned

There were many times on the wedding day when things got a little hairy and my bridesmaids/helpers didn't tell me and just handled it. I had to take deep breaths and let go of this scared/happy/nervous emotion before I had my makeup done. unfortunately they wont listen to reason and we've had to change our venue about 5 times now.

And now again UHG!!! I have no doubt your photographer appreciated that and your photos are better for it too. Ya we are having a very small wedding in the desert so I just want her to take pictures of us so it isn't so posed; so that is good to hear! I found myself freaking out trying to prevent this, and that from happening until I drove myself nuts.

I said "I'm gonna let myself lose my shit for 5 minutes. My photographer had tons of experience and I basically just let them do their thing.

The less details you have, the less you have to worry about things getting messed up. If they're experienced enough I feel like they will be able to get what you want. You can still stop and say: I just got married. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT! -spend the money on a good photographer -ask for help from family/friends.

-take a 5 minute break to yourself before walking down the isle. I want things as simple as possible! Don't let people ruin it with their ideas you're not fond of. If you're a bridesmaid, or helping out the bride and something goes wrong. Pick a few things you absolutely want to include, and make those happen.

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