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Let's Talk About Wedding Planning Anxiety

If you ever need someone to vent to about anxiety and/or wedding stuff, feel free to message me :) You are not alone! I've gotten better at dealing with anxiety over the past few years, but I'm starting to have more frequent panic attacks now that we're figuring out the last details for the wedding. Wedding planning is stressful but there's a difference between that and having a genuine issue with anxiety. I feel pressure to be perfect from my family, like I'm being scrutinized for not being a poised, proper lady.


I panicked about my wedding trying to make everything perfect and drove myself crazy for over a year - panic attacks included. On another note, try to remember that nobody really cares about all the little details at your wedding. I also have a prescription for something I can take if I feel a panic attack coming on.

I think she expected that we would have to up my dose eventually but I feel perfect where I am now. The best way or dealing with this is being hyper organized - I have lists for everything, lists of my lists! This is totally up to you and your doctor, but I take anti-depressants for my anxiety and my life is 1000% better now. You sound a lot like me when I was wedding planning. I've just kind of "dealt" with anxiety, but at time it can leave me really miserable. I feel like there's just so much pressure to have things beautiful and perfect. I guess I don't care as long as they look pretty, but my mom who is helping plan wants details. He talked with my mom that the details are overwhelming me, but I don't think she really took him seriously.

:) Yeah I had to make the decision to tell her to stay at the wedding hotel instead of our house in the days leading up to to the wedding.

Having frequent panic attacks isn't normal, and I think it's a bigger issue than just doing something like yoga or whatever can solve.

I seriously got a script for xanax JUST for my wedding day.

After seeing a therapist for a few months, we decided I should try the lowest dose of an anti-depressant. Getting some help from antidepressants might be a good long-term tool for you but I'd encourage you not to start this before the wedding. My natural tendency is to be disorganized so this really helps me feel like I'm in control.

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