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Navigating Your Wedding

For perishables and last minute decorations I bought everything that I couldn't bring with me at the wedding location in the four days before the wedding. Really useful for my planning. Might be tricky to answer but how much "wedding box" stuff did you pack and take with you? I also got a much smaller box for jewellery and the like, which also went into the wedding box. Here's what we brought with us in the luggage: my wedding dress: a relatively light, 50's style dress with lace overlay.

We also didn't know anything about weddings when we started planning, and neither of our families had much experience with weddings either. About a year into wedding planning, I had amassed a bunch of wedding-related bits and bobs - shoes, hair accessories, clutch, earrings, favours, small chalkboards etc. So the wedding box was pretty big and I honestly thought we'd have LOADS of stuff, probably 2 big suitcases' worth plus two carry-ons. This made packing for the wedding about a hundred times easier and less stressful - when it was time to pack, I just moved stuff from the wedding box into suitcases. I got a lot of wedding things for cheap on there that would have cost me much more where I got married, or would have been much harder to find.


When Distance Is An Issue

Because you're so far away, people sorting things out for you is a huge blessing, but it can also be a huge pain if it goes wrong. I was paranoid I was going to lose some of the things, so I got a nice big box from Ikea, dubbed it 'the wedding box' and put everything in it. - and while they all had to come with us, they were just cluttering up our flat in the months before our wedding. I was leaning towards a dress with lace and I think you just sealed the deal there! And if you have any questions, just ask - I pretty much planned the whole thing myself , and I'm happy to share my experience! When you first start out these things it can be difficult to imagine quantities of stuff for sure. The underskirt took up an obscene amount of space in my wedding box, so I got a pack of those vacuum travel bags off Amazon and they worked great. We were exhausted after all the planning, travel, the wedding , and the legal matters so we really just needed some time on our own and some pampering.

Don't Ignore Help

Unless someone else is coordinating things like cake and flowers, you will need to be there to sort it out. I didn't think about that at all, because I had this idea that you can always ask to have your dress hung up in the back. I made my first packing list a few months in advance, and then added to it as the time went by. We also let our friends flying in from abroad know to buy tickets as soon as possible. Any less and we would have been much more nervous on our wedding day.

My husband and I live over 1300 miles away from our families, and when we started planning our wedding, we decided that it makes way more sense for us to hold a wedding there instead of the other way around.

Take advantage of local resources - both where you live and where you are getting married.

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