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On Catering

I want to have a classy wedding but as cheap as possible, and I only really want to spend money on food.

any other tips for a frugal wedding are welcome! Source: I also wanted a classy event on a budget and all I cared about was food. I catered my wedding myself, with a friend, and hired two servers and a bartender. Take someone up on an offer of "how can I help" and cook the dishes you'll be providing yourself. My cousin told me her gift for me would be doing my makeup and hair for my wedding , and a friend offered to lend me decorations and her 1950s-esque veil from her wedding.

We figured at the time we spent about $15/head including food, wine, and rentals, and it was lush, lavish food. How can I feed a crowd of up to 150 in the most cost-effective way, yet have some class? Good tips :) thanks I'm in London too- check out unique food attitudes on Dundas street. apracticalwedding. com is a great resource Don't tell any vendors it's a wedding, be vague- "family gathering" "meeting" etc Costco flowers and other items We went with a local BBQ food truck and got a full buffet including set up and clean up for $15/person. I need tips though for food! I know it's not for everyone to DIY this - another inexpensive and lovely catering option is ethnic food - Portuguese chicken, Indian food, Chinese food. I haven't gone over numbers, but a rough stab in the dark is somewhere between 100~150 guests.

I am saving everywhere else and I really want to put on a good meal. Just one maid of honour and a best men as they seem to be the ones with real tasks.

So, if you're not doing a potluck, there's 3 major options: Find a good deal on paying someone else to cater. Research your local wholesale club options and pick one to use for bulk of your food & whatever related products you can.

I'm excited to play with all the fabric and make this 35 year old dress new again. We ordered a ton of baguette from the local baker and asked them to slice it. You provide the meat and have everyone bring a side dish to pass and a plate of cookies! We put out tons of olives, and lots of olive oil and balsamic to dip stuff in. If any of your guests work at a place that does catering you like, ask if you qualify for any sort of discount. If you call around, a lot of these restaurants cater weddings all the time, and it might be a lot less expensive than a traditional wedding caterer recommended by a wedding venue in your town. I know in my circle we have a lot of bakers who love to contribute a cake/pie/cookie bars etc to any occasion.

We ordered a bunch a cubed cheese, and salami, prosciutto from the local deli.

This required a lot of planning and organization, but it was totally worth it - we saved a fortune. The store only charged me for the cost of the flowers and did the arranging for free. Look for family owned restaurants that do catering on the side instead of official caterers - their per head price may be much lower. My amazing boyfriend proposed two weeks ago and I'm so excited to be married! You could also save money by not having a big cake at all but smaller cakes/pies. I went to a lovely wedding that was timed to avoid lunch and dinner and instead did a series of apps - prosciutto wrapped cheese, crusty bread with bacon marmalade etc.

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