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Our Wedding

We used the permit for both engagement and wedding photos since it doesn't specify the date it is for.

I am really excited about our wedding, but if I could have those three things at our wedding I would be ecstatic! The day was a month ago, but we just got our photos back. Can I just tell you how jelly I am that you had Goose Island, Sweet Mandy B's, & Giordano's?! Hair was soft but held up with no fallen pins all day, and makeup lasted all day with one oil blot and maybe 3 lipstick touchups. I'm glad that it worked out on your wedding day. Thanks! I didn't consider that at all since we had the permit left over from engagement photos. I'm thrilled that the wedding happened, but I am SUPER GLAD these things only happen once. We definitely tried to incorporate a lot of Chicago into the wedding, as it was out of town for most of our guests. Les Ruttenberg at the South Loop location helped us figure it out, and then I added a little more. Cool, I am looking at about 100 guests and budgeted $1200 for booze, so it seems like I made a decent guess! They are lovely, and I wanted to take a few to go through all the stuff with you. If asked by them, or asked to write a review, I will bring it up directly with them.

I love it!! People drank less than they did at other weddings I'd attended with all of them, partly because of all the dancing! We haven't gone on our honeymoon yet, but being done with planning feels like a vacation already. It was a friend of the best man, so I'd rather drop it than actively complain to them. If they don't have a substitution policy listed perhaps you can ask for a refund on your bouquet? If you are still looking, I can let you know how she is :) That would be awesome, thank you. You said the florist subbed out garden roses for regular roses, so I assume they didn't get the garden ones in. Overall, I found it more fun on the wedding day as people seemed more than willing to get out of the way and tried very hard to not get into shots. Congrats again :) Go into the office during business hours, fill out a really basic form, and pay them $150. What if someone is getting married there the day you want to shoot? So even though 6 hours of their trip was committed to our wedding, they got to experience some fun Chicago things right at our reception.

I love it! And then as we were walking to a bench, a bride in a wedding dress decided she wanted photos on the bench and again our photographer moved us. I'm off keto at the moment and am 3 pounds heavier than my wedding weight but am maintaining it nicely with little fluctuation.

I would have probably wanted to swap out the whole concept of my bouquet if I knew they weren't going to deliver what I asked for. Pre-processional Processional and recessional: Spotlight dances: I LOVE all the little Chicago details!!! And thank you so much for including your music - I've added quite a few to my list! Thank you so much for posting this and also I LOVE Frontier and am doing their whole animal service for my bachelorette party! And all in all, it looks like a lovely wedding.

If I rewind time, can I be invited to your wedding? I spent so much time heat embossing, arranging, shopping and dealing with vendors.

I was pretty good about not having cheat days until the final 2 weeks, and I found my weight and waistband didn't fluctuate too much.

I'm in the West Loop too and am looking for someplace an actual human can vouch for so I can stop digging through Yelp reviews. absolutely love the tandem cake topper :) Thanks! Soooo many photos! First off, planning is HARD, so when you're done, do a little happy dance. I'm trying to estimate how much I'll be spending at Binnys :) 109 total. But I was still eating lower carb and not having sandwiches and bagels and pasta. There were stressful moments and some stupid people, but I'm married, our guests had fun, our food and drinks were AMAZING, and we had a good time.

And that was awesome for you to make the date past your brother's 21st birthday!! Especially the photos of you two on with that skyline! We had plenty of beer and half a case of each wine left over. Everything is gorgeous, I love all the little details! I love your flower girl. I love the fullness, told them a substitute would not do about 2 weeks before , and of course it shows up the day of with regular roses, which I told them in our first meeting I hate.

Loving this post, and what a wedding.

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