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Some Ways We Could Have Saved Money

Even if you have always dreamed of a summer wedding, planning a wedding in off-peak times such as in November can save you as much 30% on the same dream venue. Keep the wedding personal One of the largest costs for a wedding is the price per head. shop for white dresses at stores such as BLHDN Just FYI, BHLDN actually is a wedding store, and their wedding dresses are not cheap. Take advantage of season sales: if you are having a fall wedding, plan the year ahead and save on all the fall themed merchandise that goes on sale.

Thought that these tips could be helpful for someone planning a wedding o a budget. They do have more affordable bridesmaids dresses that come in white that people often buy as wedding dresses though. Not only will the wedding be much easier to plan, but it will also remain very personal. Search Pinterest for elegant and affordable ways to make place card holders, table decorations and other accessories for your wedding.

Take A Personal Role

Dress yourself as though you made your wedding dress.

Anyone have some other creative solutions for wedding planning? the bridesmaid dresses and wedding guest/MOH dress selection in white. I found plenty of them that I liked, and if I didn't already have my dress, I would have gotten one of the bridesmaid dresses. There will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate with other friends as a couple post-wedding, especially since you will have saved by keeping your wedding smaller. Yes, many say last minute weddings can be very cost effective, but there is no point to adding unneeded stress. Have your food service be buffet style or limit your reception to just a desert and drinks after party. Once you have your plan in place, stay off wedding-specific sites like The Knot and Pinterest pages Same goes for the dress! Periodically check on prices to make sure you’re taking advantage of sales and getting the lowest price possible. Don’t waste time and plan ahead Trying to plan any event at the last minute is never the best idea.

Totally blowing that "small personal" wedding rule out of the water.

This will show how truly thankful you are: it’s hard not to be touched when someone gives you a handmade gift. Never be afraid to ask your family or friends for help—they will be flattered that you thought of them.

Honeymoon with a weekend retreat Instead of setting sail in the Grecian Islands, plan a small weekend getaway. If you don’t want to make compromises, keep the invitation list limited to close friends and family. I will say that DIY is not always the cheapest route, especially if you're not familiar with how to do certain things. followed by army of cats down the aisle find a venue that may not need a lot of decoration. By keeping your honeymoon short and sweet you won’t be worrying about over spending and you’ll still have some money to put towards your next loan payment. Being crafty will also add a unique touch and give you a sense of ownership and pride on your big day. These were just a few tips included in the article, have a look at the rest here Thanks for sharing these tips! I can sew some halfass cat toys that I stuff with catnip that I grow. Give yourself time to shop for the best deals and never pay full price on an item.

Keep your tables at the reception clutter free with just a few fresh flowers.

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