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The Type-A Personality

I'm one of those type-A people that needs detailed lists and schedules for everything, but all those helpful wedding planning guides that I see online start at least 12 months before the date. Not purposefully, the day we got engaged was exactly 9 months from our wedding date. FH and I started planning the night he bought my ring, knowing my ring wouldn't be in for two months. Sometime in the 6 months out to 3 months out window, we booked the DJ, DOC, and rehearsal dinner venue.

June/July of 2014 we started planning our wedding for August of 2015, and my now husband hadn't officially proposed. As long as you make solid decisions and don't second guess yourself you could literally plan a wedding in 3 months or less. You don't need a ring to be engaged, you need to be planning your wedding/marriage, so if you're technically engaged already.

So no, you won't be stressed every day for the next 9 months, especially if you are type-A! Also, take that 12 month checklist, and take everything pre-9 months and make it part of month 9. I say you can start planning anything you'd like, even without the ring. Planning a wedding across state lines during one of the most hectic periods of my career isn't something we want to take on, so we're shooting for a May 2018 wedding. 9 months is totally doable and all our vendors got done in 3m. I would probably start dress shopping within the next month or so though - dresses can take awhile to be customized.

I'd really appreciate any advice, I just feel like I don't know where to start. We planned ours in, what will be, 7 months. But I'm nervous about the time crunch, especially when it comes to shopping for my dress and the venue.

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