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This Is Our Happily Ever After

The Wedding Day Can Be A Lot of Things

Even if it's an expensive wedding, are you paying for a "perfect" day, or a "happy" day? The actual wedding day will find out all of your insecurities and doubts very quickly. Remember that you're marrying each other for the long run, not for "the big day. " The last thing you need is low blood sugar during the wedding vows. If only, but the fella wants to, and I quote, "feel like a princess for the day" so apparently it's not an option! For example, at our wedding my wife's​ shoes kept catching on her dress. So many people would tell me that their day was just s big blur. If you stress about it, fight about it, and remember it sourly, it kicks things off on the wrong foot.


Then tell them you want to hear NOTHING administrative/problem-related during the event, and let them do their thing. As a former wedding DJ I saw a lot of weddings.

You'll also remember that feeling when thinking back on the wedding. Skipping it, have a nice family dinner out instead and put the money into a down payment on a house.

She accidentally spilled sparkling red grape juice all over her dress while mingling with guests. Every now and then try to just chill and soak the day in.

Have a kick-ass, bulldoggin', take-no-crap friend or trusted and beloved relative be your maid of honour/best man.

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