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As I mentioned earlier, I'm not in sales and I wasn't brought into for my wedding experience - so I don't really know.

As soon as vendors hear the word wedding, the price schedule instantly increases for the same exact products. I don't know enough but other places because my background isn't weddings, it's digital media. Some people will tell u to lie when renting a vene, as the rental price goes up when u say wedding.

Plus, it seems like a lot of the "unique wedding ideas" that come off pinterest are just cheesy and overdone. While your business may not, if you've tried pricing out a wedding recently you'd quickly see the trend. I work in a wedding venue Some important questions: What feel are you hoping for? They know for the most part 200 people won't show up for a 40th b day bash, but will for a wedding. My wife and I tried to plan our wedding down here, but quickly realized everything was out of our budget. Off-topic, but I went to a wedding there in June and it was AMAZING. are you desensitized to beautiful weddings now? I know for a fact that our Sunday weddings can be done for well under 10k including food and beverage. To keep costs down, we ordered a small "wedding" cake for cutting/pictures and two sheet cakes for our guests. I know she has a good relationship with Aria, James J Hill, 413 and a bunch of other places.

And even then, depending on the venue/style of wedding, you can spend less on food.

I assure you, the cost does go up with the word 'wedding'. Cost goes up during peak wedding season, just from simple supply and demand. We just attended a wedding there a few weeks ago. I should clarify that that price is just for the venue rental, food ran about $25-32/person depending what you order.

The whole day was a blur for me, from the wedding to the reception. I haven't been to a wedding since I started working here though, so it will be interesting how I feel when that happens Who were the bride and groom for the wedding you attended? Elope, have a small wedding with the people you find most important in your life. Let me know if you have any questions or need any more tips. Make sure to check out portfolios, ask to see an entire wedding shoot. We're trying to plan our wedding now, but everything is very expensive.

Coupled with getting savings on services. anyway, I don't work in Sales but I'd reconsider, unless you want a Saturday specifically! I don't think I even noticed him during the wedding/reception, but it's all captured beautifully, nothing missed.

All I know is that we tried to find cheap, or even reasonably priced services, but came up empty. Remember, its not about the food, or the music, its about sharing your day with your friends and family. There's no reason that I know of, or that makes sense, other then they can.

You're not really saving anything, and the venue certainly isn't losing money as they'd like you to believe.

Yes there are some vendors out there who won't gouge their customers , but the majority of them do. And of course weddings will often be decorated in more extravagant ways than a corporate party.

that isn't the venue "raising the price" just because it's a wedding, they sell more services. Even if they give you something for the 'regular' price as another event they WILL make up for it in decorations, food, flowers, etc. Just the word 'wedding' makes the cost go up. The price is the price. Everything else is a la carte, meaning you don't have to buy a package with things you may not want.

All I know is that I'm familiar with the pricing structures for a select few venues in the twin cities and I know how they decide pricing, and none of them involve this process of raising the price for a wedding. Another trick: some venues will require that you use their choice of caterers, or flower shops, etc. I wish you the best, but unfortunately the best I have is to tell you to look elsewhere. If you have any extra questions about this place, I am happy to answer them if I can! IMHO, a wedding is not worth going into debt over.

I got married here: have packages with most things included, but you can also bring in outside services if you prefer. Zach at Instant Request is a good DJ. I ordered flowers in bulk from Costco for the table settings. That's anecdotal, but our Event Site Director had a girl who didn't want to say it was a wedding over the phone and it just made it hard to assess her needs.

Just logistically it would be tough, deciding how much more we are going to charge, justifying it to clients who didn't pay so much. And they charge for flouncing and chair covers outside of the room rental, so that's not it.

The owner is really nice - I would suggest calling or writing if you are interested because their website can be a little confusing. I was married at Bunker Hills and from what I remember, they did a great job.

All I'm saying is it's not the type of thing that EVERY venue is participating in. I have seen some really nice arrangements that weren't huge and over the top.

I work for a catering company here and have done A LOT of weddings.

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