This Is Our Happily Ever After

Site Updates


We have decided to let our domain go, that means that next month at this time you will no longer be able to visit If there is anything you want you should make sure you have the information now.


We are contemplating whether or not to keep the domain which comes back up for renewal in a couple of months. Zach is leaning toward letting it go. And I have to say that I am agreeing with him more and more. We are in the process of having our first child and we don't need the extra expense.


Welcome to the new We have decided to make the most out of all of the information and resources we collected during the course of planning out our wedding. You will see yourself that you get a lot of info about the process of getting married, and much of it isn't new or original. So why reinvent the wheel?


It is official, we are now Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Fry!